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TLC Consulting Services believes financial needs are like fingerprints, different. That’s why our ranges of finance products are fit to your individual needs and preferences. Whether you need life insurance to protect your family or an annuity to plan your retirement, life or health insurance, we are simply the best. Why are we the best? The customer always comes first, we offer the best products we represent, and we don't take short cuts. Why? Because a short cut in a sale is a sale cut short. We will not sacrifice quality for speed, but we will deliver both! We will discover the answer to your financial needs, calm any fears and deliver results, that's just what we do. We will handle problems to perfection. The way we see it is, when given an obstacle, the only way around is through.


  • Annuities
    Want an 18% return on your money first year? We will give it to you and show you how it's done! How about lifetime income. Sound good? Do you need to protect your assets through bankruptcy? Yes, an annuity can do that. Let us do a quick, free calculation for you. It's free!! Quick Quote?
  • Medical Insurance
    Tired of paying high premiums for medical insurance you don't use? Well, we have a way around that give us a try, relax and watch us work! Quick Quote?
  • Life Insurance
    You need insurance coverage to protect your family right? Ok, you have come to the right place. Our wholesale premiums won't be beat because they can't be beat! More often than not, our premiums our half what competitors offer with double the coverage! Now that’s a deal! Quick quote? Now that you know who we are and what we do, let’s get started. Just fill out our Quick Quote and just tell us your interest and we will prepare a plan Taylor made for you. There are many aspects to securing, protecting and enjoying your future. We can cover them all! Don't just listen to us. Check out our testimonials, they will provide comfort and proof that we strive for perfection. After all, everyone deserves a little T.L.C.


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